Wings is recognized as an international resource for grief education.

Our mission is to companion others who walk the journey of grief and to encourage a choice to heal through education, compassion, and hope that is mutually beneficial to the bereaved and those who comfort them.

There is a time for tears when death has “robbed” you of someone you love. Your tears represent what you have loved and lost. Then, there is a time to put order back into your life again time to rediscover a reason to live. This is a time of transition and rebuilding your life.

At some point, you will find you can no longer deny the existence of death around you. You are touched by the lives of others in the daily news, in our neighborhoods, and our communities. You may be stunned by the insensitivity of others. But you quickly develop an appreciation for those who have the sensitivity to grief that helps ease your pain. You may search for answers; or you may continue to survive with unanswered questions. You may wonder about the purpose of life and ponder your own mortality. This is the process of re-building, re-discovery. This is the journey through grief.

As a griever, you still look the same on the outside, but inside you have changed. You dress the same. You talk the same, and may even hold the same job. But in many cases, you hide your pain. It doesn’t make any difference if the death was that of a white-haired, 85 year-old grandmother or a newborn infant or happy toddler. Or it could be the unexpected death of a young, healthy spouse. Or the death of a teenager or young adult in the prime of a “promising” future. You have lost someone you love.

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A Legacy of Service

Nan and Gary Zastrow co-founders of © Roots and Wings, Ltd created a non-profit organization in 1993

Bio of the Founders

In 1993, Nan and Gary’s journey through grief began . . . creating a legacy that is stronger today than it was in its earliest years.

Volunteers of Wings-a Grief Education Ministry

Wings-a Grief Education Ministry is supported by a loyal group of volunteers who are committed to helping others live meaningful lives after the death of a loved one. Learn more about who they are and why they chose to volunteer for Wings.

A Tribute to Chad

Let me speak his name
Tell his story.
Though my reflections are suspended in time,
They are the healing balm for my pain.
I have reserved a special place in my heart
To lock in the cherished memories of his spirit.

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