Holding Onto Hope When Loss Hurts




Finding a reason to shine! by: Nan Zastrow

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned, so we can accept the life that is waiting for us.” (Joseph Campbell)

When the darkest moment in life changes everything you know to be true, it doesn’t mean that your divine spirit can’t be revitalized. After the suicide death of her son, Chad and his fiancé just 10 weeks later, Nan found that she was desperately searching for new meaning and purpose. Accepting that “this is real” and holding on to the belief that “I can do this!” begins the process of re-engaging in life again.

Nan vowed to live the best life possible under the circumstances and honor the precious memories of her son. She believes that everyone transforms through grief and moves onto to another stage, just as our loved ones who died move onto a new stage. They still live within us and influence our future choices and who we become after loss. Every dark cloud can have a silver
lining of hope strengthened by not giving up or giving in. Nan offers her readers significant suggestions for healing after loss. This book is a testimony that the sun will shine again!

“Nan’s writing is always fantastic. She shares her knowledge and experience in terms that everyone can relate to and understand. She has an amazing knack of putting feelings of pain and loss into hopeful thoughts. I highly recommend everything she writes.”
– Bunny, Florida

Holding onto Hope. . . Flyer (pdf)