Ask Me… 30 Things I Want You to Know – 2nd edition


By: Nan Zastrow

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Living Beyond Suicide – Helping Yourself or Helping a Friend by Nan Zastrow:

Suicide is often silent. It stalks its victim until it seems the only solution is to give in. Suicide involves two prominent factors,
fear and the absence of hope. Nothing seems possible to change the course of the victim’s path or future. Survivors are left
wondering what went wrong and often the reason for the death is a mystery. Learning to live in our society as a survivor
requires breaking the silence to live beyond its taboo. Every victim has a unique story that should be honored.

In 1993, Nan and Gary’s son, Chad, suicided and ten weeks later his fiancé took her life, too. Nan admits she spent years hiding from their grief, absorbing every bit of damaging pain, swallowing hard-earned pride, admitting feelings of defeat, and finding excuses for what seemed “hard-to- believe.” In time, Nan and Gary learned the silence had to stop, and they had the power to “teach” society how to respond to disabling loss.

All grievers want to be heard. The information in this book speaks not only to survivors of suicide, but to anyone who grieves, about the elements of grief and the depth of sadness . If you allow a griever to teach you about the uniqueness of his or her grief, you may learn so much more about the sanctity of life.

In this captivating book, Nan clearly describes the progression of survival and tells you 30 Things that every griever is likely to feel. With these revealing thoughts, you will be able to plan your response in positive ways to support them. As a griever, you will find comfort in knowing what to expect and be assured that peace and hope are the ultimate gifts of triumphing over burdensome grief.

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