How to Survive the New Normal

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As if grief or the loss of a loved one wasn’t enough, COVID-19 may have interrupted your life and complicated your grieving process even more. Healing grief right now may bring conflicting emotions often fueled by your exposure from the media about so much suffering and death. Add to that, your own emotional struggles with personal loss; fears about falling ill; being socially isolated; and questioning your future and your purpose.

It’s time to talk about all the changes in your life and how they relate to your grief. Even though COVID-19 may not affect you personally or may not seem a serious threat, the presence of it across the world affects your world view and the safety you once felt. This group focuses on healing grief, but we understand the power of a secondary loss called COVID-19. Together, we can help you get through, not over, grief. We’ll put you in a better frame of mind to accept the challenges you feel.

Presented interactively through Zoom, we are combining many of the concepts of our original face-to-face group How Grief Changes Your Life with the opportunity to discuss the new challenges created by the current pandemic. We invite you to share the journey in our new series.

Method of Delivery: An Internet connection that supports the Zoom application available on your Mac or Windows computer, IPad, Android or Windows 10 tablet and most cell phones.

Dates: Six Tuesdays | May 19, 26, and June 2, 9, 16, 23
Time: One hour | 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Registration required: Email (Include name, address, email, phone)
to get a link to the ZOOMGRIEF group

Objectives of this Series:
• UNDERSTAND: Grief, mourning, and grief work
• IN THIS TOGETHER: The collectiveness of grief—family, friends, co- workers sharing your journey
• CRAZY: Am I crazy?
• BE AWARE of the Physical, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual toll created by grief
• NORMAL: What’s normal now?
• PURPOSE: The road to self-discovery and hope