Grief Digest magazine (Nan’s articles)

Nan has published her writing since 1993, In 2003, Nan became a contributing editor for Grief Digest magazine in 2003 when the magazine was first published by Centering Corporation. Here are many of Nan’s articles for you to read.

For a wonderful gift book of selected articles, may we suggest purchasing the book Hitch Your Hope to a Star. It captures Nan’s best loved, timeless articles that offer inspiration, hope, and grief education about a variety of grief subjects.

Looking Back…the Awesome Power of Hope

Just an Ordinary Miracle of Grief

Should I or Shouldn’t I Join a Grief Support Group

In the Presence of Angels

Parting With the Personal Belongings of a Deceased Loved One Results in Resetting your Own Priorities

Creating a Circle of Forever Friends

Message in a Bottle

It’s not about the Destination. . . It’s about the side trips along the way.

Can a Horse Really Fly? (The possible dream)

Grow where you are Planted – The quest for meaning after loss.

Pop-Up Memories are not Grief Bursts

I Am Who I Am

All I Want for Christmas is..for it to be over with!

Why HOPE is not a Strategy

Suicide- Without Warning

Is Lingering in Grief Right or Wrong?

Chasing the Shadow of Grief

Faith During Grief is Like Insurance

What’s Under your Tree? – Healing Gift or Pandora’s Box?

Memory of the Darkest Moment – The Memory of a Darkest Moment Can Change a Life

Just Keep Swimming Around – April 2010

Your Legacy is Probably Not a Box of Stuff – July 2010

How a Fortune Cookie Heals Grief – October 2009

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – The Forgotten Griever. July 2009

Linking Objects – When Can the Chain be Broken. April 2009

Paint Your Holiday – the way you want it to be. October 2008

Pain is Inevitable April 2008

Just Three Days Returning to Work After Loss January 2008

Ordinary Miracle of Grief

Madness Memories Maybes

You’ve Got the Power

Sorrow Walks With Me

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