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Wings publishes a quarterly online ELetter with inspirational stories, poems, grief tips as well as local workshops and seminar announcements. This FREE publication is available by subscribing here. You can unsubscribe at any time. Pass this information on to your friends.

Grief Digest

Grief Digest is a national magazine published by Centering Corporation. Nan is a regular columnist for this magazine. This section includes articles published in recent magazines.  Many of these were published in a book by Nan Zastrow titled Hitch Your Hope to a Star. Visit the Bookstore at this website.

Guest Articles

Included are a timeless collection of articles from guest authors and a few articles from the original Wings magazine published 1993 – 2003.


A collection of Poems and Prayers that soothe a grieving heart.


Suicide is silent, not because there isn’t a cry for help, but because it becomes the unspeakable taboo. If survivors don’t talk about it, they may be able to shade the truth that they have become a statistic in an unwelcome profile.

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